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Drilling Rig at SunsetWindridge Oil & Gas LP is a San Antonio-based Texas Limited Partnership formed in June 2016. Our focus is on upstream oil and gas projects, utilizing our technical expertise and experience in a variety of basins. The Windridge team is comprised of seasoned professionals in their respective disciplines, strongly weighted in the geological sciences, engineering and land disciplines. Its individual members have excelled professionally over a 40+ year history, working with each other and independently in various private and public companies. This diversity allows its members to contribute a wide array of experiences and ideas resulting in a highly functional team with sound business acumen.

Windridge’s goal is to utilize creative, technical approaches in geology, engineering and land acquisition to assemble projects for economic development. Projects may be developed and operated through Windridge or other operating partners. Windridge Oil & Gas LP operates wells through its wholly owned subsidiary, Windridge Operating LLC.

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